Come and have a Buffalo Trace whiskey with me at one of our upcoming LIVE SHOWS in London.

Click on the link to get tickets now One show has already sold out! Tickets are only £15 and you’ll get a free Buffalo Trace cocktail or Warners Gin and Tonic and some nibbles. 

The first show is Wednesday 12th July and The Marquis of Westminster, in Victoria. For that show, we’ve got Under cover football hooligan James Bannon and SAS veteran Nigel Ely.

Our second show is at The Eagle in Ladbroke Grove on Wednesday 26th July with Red Arrows and Top Gun Pilot Dan Lowes and Chinook chick Liz McConaghy

Our third show is at The Grafton in Kentish Town on August 9th with The Prision Guvner Vanessa Frake and Rogue Warrior Denny Denholm

Then our final show in the series on August 23rd at The Duchess, just off Oxford Street with 

Sex cult escapee Bexy Cameron and The Futurist Matt Griffen!

Hosted on Acast. See for more information.