Weapons of the Terracotta Army

When someone says the Terracotta Army, you’d be forgiven for instantly thinking of rows upon rows of life size warriors, arranged in three pits as part of the Emperor Qin Shi Huang’s huge mausoleum complex. But what’s arguably an even more fascinating aspect of these Warriors are the wide range of bronze weapons that they are buried with. From swords to spears to hooks to crossbow triggers, hundreds of these weapons survive in extraordinary condition.

What can we learn from these weapons about the whole making of the Terracotta Army? Where were they made? Who oversaw their production? What do they reveal about the all-important logistics behind the creation of the Terracotta Army? To explain all, UCL honorary research fellow Dr Xiuzhen Li returned to the podcast.

Listen to Xiuzhen’s previous episode, The Terracotta Army.

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