Treasures of Pompeii

Despite being uncovered in the 16th Century - new finds are still being discovered daily in Pompeii. With each new discovery offering a fresh insight into what life was like 2000 years ago, we're able to piece together Pompeii's vibrant past and culture thanks to the work of Archaeologists and historians today. But what would life Pompeii actually have been like for the individuals who lived there, and what do we know about them today?

In this episode, Tristan welcomes author and journalist Elodie Harper to the podcast to talk about the archaeological treasures being uncovered in Pompeii today and how they helped provide inspiration for her latest instalment in the bestselling Wolf Den trilogy. Looking at the recent archaeology, the role of the goddess Fortuna, and the indomitable Julia Felix - what would Pompeii have been like for the people who lived there, and what was life like after for those who survived the eruption?

You can buy Elodie's book here.

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