The Origins of Buddhism

One of the oldest religions in the world, Buddhism is practiced by over 400 million people today, but where did it originate from? Pioneered by the Buddha - a wandering ascetic - it emerged in northern India in the fifth century BC as a new path that challenged the elitist structures of Indian Vedic culture. But what sparked the Buddha’s journey to enlightenment, and why did his teachings spread so far and so quickly?

In today’s episode of The Ancients, Tristan is joined by Dr Mary Storm - an expert on Indian ancient history - to unravel the origins of Buddhism. Together, they take a deep-dive into a world shaped by the Four Noble Truths, and the Eight-Fold Path, and explore who the legendary Buddha really was.

The Senior Producer was Elena Guthrie.

The Assistant Producer was Annie Coloe.

Edited by Joseph Knight.

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