The Legacy of Tutankhamun

Since the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb in the Valley of the Kings, the phenomenon of “Tutmania” has continued to capture the worlds imagination on an unprecedented scale. From innovative museum exhibitions that took the phrase 'blockbuster' to a new meaning, to SNL sketches and collectable memorabilia - there is no doubt that this once forgotten Pharaoh will now live on forever. But how did the Boy Pharaoh become a celebrity - and is his worldwide fame a force for good?

In this episode Tristan is joined by Dr Campbell Price, the curator of Manchester's Egypt and Sudan collection, to discuss the extraordinary legacy of Tutankhamun. Looking at his Cold War arrival in America, to feuding Museum Curators, and delving into the world of virtual autopsies - what is Tutankhamun's legacy, and is it too late to change?

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