Shetland: Edge of the Prehistoric World

Over 100 miles further than the northern reaches of Britain, beyond Orkney, are a remote group of islands that make up Shetland. It’s one of the best kept secrets of prehistoric Scotland, containing evidence of the lives that were lived there some 5,000 years ago. With Viking archeology as well as prehistoric remains, it's a one of a kind insight into the past.

In today’s episode, Tristan talks to Dr Val Turner, one of Shetland's regional archaeologists. Together they take us to this edge of the prehistoric world, to find out about what life on these distant islands would have been like. From the axe factories that were discovered there, to the incredible Iron Age skyscrapers that are the brochs, what can we learn about this remote part of the world?

Senior Producer was Elena Guthrie. The Assistant Producer was Annie Coloe. Edited by Stuart Beckwith.

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