Sex Work in Pompeii

This episode contains some strong language references to sexual content.

Pompeii is shrouded in myths and legends about it's vibrant, after hours, night life. With theories of carved stone penis' pointing towards brothels, frescoes of graphic images, and bawdy graffiti immortalising individual's experiences - there's a lot to unpack when it comes to Sex in Pompeii. But what can we decipher from the archaeology about the lives of sex workers in Pompeii - and are their experiences universal, even today?

In the third episode of our special series on Pompeii, we're delving into the Brothels of Pompeii with Sex Historian, and host of Betwixt the Sheets, Dr Kate Lister. Looking at the shared experiences between sex workers and gladiators, secret Museums filled with sordid artefacts, and the images that decorate Pompeii's Lupanar - what do we know about Sex in Pompeii? And if you follow the Penis' - where do they actually take you?

The series was written and produced by Elena Guthrie

The Assistant Producer was Annie Coloe

It was edited and mixed by Aidan Lonergan

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