One of the most famous Babylonian Kings - Nebuchadnezzar II was a legendary ruler who appears in biblical stories, cuneiform texts, and was immortalised in monumental architecture. Ruling Babylon at it's imperial height, and commanding an empire that spanned from the Mediterranean to the Persian Gulf, his strength and might is unchallenged. But what do we actually know about the man who ruled over one of the greatest empires of the ancient world?

In the first episode of our new series delving into Babylon's mysterious history - Tristan chats to Professor Paul-Alain Beaulieu to explore Nebuchadnezzar's early life and his rise to kingship. Examining the defining conquests of this period, the cosmopolitan city-centre he created, and deciphering the monumental architecture erected in his honour - what is there to learn about Babylon in this period, what legacy did Nebuchadnezzar leave behind?

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