Homo Floresiensis: Early Human ‘Hobbit’

An extinct species of archaic human, Homo floresiensis has been discovered solely in one, very specific location - the Indonesian island of Flores. Nicknamed 'the hobbit' due to its diminutive stature (and discovery coinciding with a certain film franchise), this hominid is something of an enigma in the story of human evolution. Both amazing and confusing experts in equal measure since it's discovery more than a decade ago - have we been able to learn anything new in recent years?

In this episode Tristan is joined by leading paleoanthropologist Dr Adam Brumm from Griffith University in Australia. Looking at how Homo floresiensis came to be so much smaller than it's ancestors, their role in human evolution, and Adam's own experiences excavating in the wilds - how has their discovery challenged our understanding of our own shared past, and what can we expect to find next?

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