El Kurru: Egypt's Nubian Pharaohs

In the 8th and 7th centuries BC, Ancient Egypt was ruled by an extraordinary dynasty. This was the 25th Dynasty, also known as the Nubian Dynasty because of their Kushite roots. They maintained their Nubian identity, with one of the most striking examples of this being the site of El-Kurru. Situated in what is today Northern Sudan, this was one of the key cemeteries for the 25th Dynasty. Complete with unique-styled pyramids, beautifully-preserved wall paintings and tumuli, archaeologists have made some remarkable discoveries at this site over the past century. One such archaeologist is Dr Rachael Dann, from the University of Copenhagen. Alongside a dedicated team, Rachael has spent years working at El-Kurru. In this podcast she explains what we know about the site and the archaeology that survives. The second of our episodes on Ancient Egypt.