Human Evolution: Dragon Man

Homo longi, also known as Dragon Man, is an extinct archaic human species - with a nearly complete skull found near Harbin, China, dating back to at least 146,000 years ago. Discovered in 1933 during the construction of the Dongjiang Bridge, it remained hidden until 2018 due to wartime circumstances and tensions. But why was the discovery of a single skull so important? And what does it tell us about human evolution and migration during the Middle Pleistocene?

In this episode, Dr Chris Stringer returns to the podcast to help shed light on the importance of this discovery, and explain how the Dragon Man could be our closest human relative. Looking at how the Dragon Man was discovered, what he tells us about Human Migration, and the impact it had on paleoanthropology - do we know who the Dragon Man was, and what does he tell us about our Human relatives from nearly 200,000 years ago?

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