Nicknamed the 8th wonder of the ancient world, the Colosseum still stands in splendour today. Located in the heart of Rome, nestled at the bottom of the Palatine Hill, neighbouring the ancient Roman Forum - the Colosseum is nearly 2000 years old. But who is responsible for this colossal amphitheatre, and what exactly was it built for?

Tristan is joined by Dr Nathan Elkins to talk about this monument of Roman imperialism, and to take a look at the role it has played throughout history. Taking 10 years and 3 emperors to be completed - the crumbling marble was once decorated with vibrant colours and architectural features, representative of Roman might and decadence. Home to beast hunts, gladiatorial games, and one of the most remarkable sewage systems in the ancient world - what can we learn about Roman life from one of the world's most famous monuments?

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