Agrippa: Rome's Forgotten Hero

There are few men in Roman history that can claim to have been as influential as Marcus Agrippa. The right-hand man of Octavian / Augustus, his career is dotted with powerful positions. And yet, what was arguably so remarkable about his life was his stalwart loyalty to his friend Octavian. Together they irreversibly transformed the Roman Empire. Joining me to talk about Agrippa's remarkable career is his 21st century biographer Lindsay Powell. In this first of two episodes, Lindsay talks me through Agrippa's career up to the climactic Battle of Actium and the key role he played in bringing about the end of the last civil war of the Roman Republic.

Lindsay is the author of Agrippa: Right Hand Man of Augustus. Part 2 of this podcast, on Agrippa's life from Actium down to his death, will be released in the near future.


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