Episode 172: Jason Pickles, The Climber's Climber

Episode 172 of The Adventure Podcast features climber, route setter, and 'Britain's Manliest Man', Jason Pickles. Jason is a proper underdog and a climber’s climber. He's proudly northern, and grew up climbing in Lancashire, Yorkshire and Cumbria before the climbing scene really exploded and turned into what it is now. In this episode, Jason explores his life as a climber, and how we went from young weekend warrior to full time, talented dirt bagger. He speaks to Matt in detail about first major expedition to climb Mount Agsard on Baffin Island, and his partnership with his best mate, Leo Houlding. They speak about ego and imposter syndrome, and how he’s more than comfortable being surrounded by people who are better at their sport than him. They also look closely at the transition from full time lifer climber to stay at home dad, and the realities of this new life Jason has built for himself. It’s an open conversation with a man who knows exactly who he is, who he isn’t and what he wants from life.

Photographer: Adam Long

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