Episode 173: Alex Honnold, The Next Pitch

Episode 173 of The Adventure Podcast features climbing legend, Alex Honnold. Alex needs little introduction. He's arguably one of the best rock climbers in history, and is known for his solo ascent of El Capitan, documented in the Oscar-winning film 'Free Solo'. Matt has worked with Alex on two National Geographic documentaries, and has spent endless hours chatting with him at basecamps and on the mountains. In this episode, they briefly speak about Alex's background, but gloss over the more obvious questions that have been asked numerous times in podcasts and movies before. Instead they focus on Alex's transition to fatherhood, redefining adventure, and his partnership with Tommy Caldwell. They also discuss the Honnold Foundation, how he became an environmentalist, and his thoughts on the term 'activist'. They also tackle the question...is Alex Honnold turning soft?

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