Episode 154: From The Archives - Iain Miller

At the point at which this episode is published, Matt is on an expedition in Alaska directing a film for National Geographic. Instead of taking a break from weekly releases, we thought we’d share some of his favourite episodes from early on in the life of the podcast.

Episode 154 is From The Archives and features Iain Miller. Iain is a sea kayaker and first-ascent sea stack climber. After twenty years sailing the world with the Merchant Navy, Iain made a home in western Donegal, and he has barely left since. Now, Iain's days are spent out in his kayak looking for unclimbed rock, and – in his own words – "Those moments in time that can't be replicated". This episode is a testament to the possibilities of a life of adventure close to home, but is also a deep reflection on the tolls of an institutionalised life that one feels trapped in, and how an eventual escape and reinvention can make all the difference. 

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