S4E60: Adoption, Birth Moms, and Human Trafficking - Josh Bryant|Andrea and Michaela from Shared Beginnings


This coming Saturday, we get to honor, either directly or in our thoughts and prayers, the women who brought our children into this world. No matter what our experience with her is, she deserves our love and respect for giving our children life.

Today I have a couple of different guest interviews for y’all. The first is with that guy up there. Josh Bryant is an attorney, adoption ethicist, and adoption reform advocate in Northwest Arkansas. He spent several years practicing family law in which he did adoptions on behalf of adoptive parents. He is also an adoptive father of two children, so he has experienced adoption from that perspective as well. He also has one biological son, and he and his wife Megan live in Northwest Arkansas.

My next interview with with Andrea (my mom) and Michaela from Shared Beginnings. Mom and Michaela are no rookies to the podcast, but since their episodes, they have partnered up to launch Shared Beginnings, a nonprofit whose goal is to support birth mothers with legal help, life skills help, and more.