Turnout & Burnout: When teams implode & swans stop swimming

Creative solutions are born from conflict. But is there such a thing as too much conflict? Yes, yes there is. Whether internal or external, struggle has limited value past a certain point. Why does some tension lead to successful pivots and others to epic disasters? This episode looks at how we can EI proof a team. We also examine the huge mental cost of the entrepreneur’s journey. Is there a point of diminishing return on investment when you’re too tired to enjoy the success of your startup? We explore what happens when “quit” become four-letter word that you dare not say in polite startup company.

Guests include: Founder and CEO of Pioneera, Danielle Owen-Whitford, CEO of ZenDesk, and author of Startupland Mikkel Svane and Xcelerate Program Director at BlueChilli, Megan Flamer

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