SpaceTech: No fiction In this Science

That Startup Show episode two is here and this week we are talking all things SpaceTech!

Once the reserve of government agencies, space exploration is becoming more open than ever thanks to entrepreneurs and startups driving innovation. Space tourism, robotics and nano-satellites are all growing areas of space investment, but will we see the stuff of science fiction become real in our lifetime?

Host Rae Johnston is back along with guest correspondent Troy McCann from Moonshot to take us to the final frontier, complete with a lineup of guests that's out of this world.

Former NASA astronaut Pamela Melroy joins the panel to discuss how she's helping shape Australia's new national space agency as director at Nova Systems. Having logged over 38 days in space, who better to have her say on the Australian space industry?

We also hear from Flavia Tata Nardini, co-founder and CEO of one of Australia’s most exciting space startups — Fleet Space Technologies.

Flavia and her team are to launch 100 nano-satellites into space, which Fleet will use to connect billions of sensors to track and change industries and ecologies across the globe.

Emre Deniz completes the panel. As a director at Opaque Space, he's working hard to bring space-based VR experiences to consumers, as well as collaborating with NASA laboratories on hybrid reality training for astronauts.

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