Ghost Tech: now you see it now you don’t

How is invisible technology going to change our relationship to the physical world? We look into what is called “The Fourth Interface,” integration in the form of IoT, AR/VR, and holograms into our everyday lives. We also peer into the fascinating world of “ghost tech” where AI, chatbots and cyber security experts work undercover. Who's behind the curtain and what do we need to know about those who develops this technology? Will AI advertisers, robot storytellers like IBM’s Watson and VR gamers survive or thrive?

Hosts Ben Law and Rae Johnston join panelist Michelle Price CEO of AustCyber diving into the technology we can’t see, and what its cyber security implications are, when AI or other tech becomes something humans can’t control. On the other side of the coin, panelist Trent Clews-de Castella, CEO Phoria explains how different realities will become seamlessly integrated into our lives in the form of VR/AR, leading the panel to an existential exploration into what happens to our digital/avatar selves when we die?

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