Co-founders, Scaling Culture & Robots

Choosing your co-founder should be like picking a partner for marriage. You need to have the same values, clear communication, and a shared direction. Otherwise you may not have a fairy tale ending. Can you meet your one true startup love at a bar, on an app or at a hackathon? Should you? Once you’re “all in” what happens with your first hire? How do you navigate culture shock 101. Whether you’re a CFO, CIO, CXO, CCO, COO, CSO, or CHO you need to know how to mash your company culture together to make the perfect mix for the long haul or alternatively cut your losses quickly if the fit isn’t right. And what about working with Robots - what does that company culture look like?

Guests incude Fred Schebesta, co founder of Australian comparison site, and design marketplace Envato’s Chief People Officer, Michelle Ridsdale.

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