SGR Ep186 - TJ Woodward - 3 Tips For Beginning Meditation, Mindfulness and Conscious Recovery

TJ Woodward  is a revolutionary recovery specialist, bestselling author, inspirational speaker, and awakening coach who has helped countless people through his simple, yet powerful teachings. He is also the creator of Conscious Recovery. 


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Book: Conscious Recovery


Twitter - @tjwoodwardsf

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Author of the book, Conscious BEING: Awakening to Your True Nature

Senior Minister and Spiritual Director of Awakened Living, a Member of the AGAPE Association of Communities 


Spiritual Care Counselor and LGBT Specialist at Foundations San Francisco IOP


Need Help? Call Foundations Recovery Networks confidential and private line at: 877-714-1318


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This episode was recorded at the Innovations In Recovery Conference in San Diego CA, hosted by Foundations Recovery Network.