4.1 - THAT PODCAST with NISH KUMAR... where we feel the pull of Wanderlust – PART ONE

THAT PODCAST... where we feel the pull of Wanderlust and travel the world with our imaginations, and also sometimes our feet – PART ONE

In March 2020, the world stopped. We went from being a peripatetic society of nomads to a society locked down… Instead, we started travelling with our imaginations. Host Nish Kumar invites you to join him as he embarks on a fantastical journey. 


Part 1 of this episode features writer-performer Jordan Brookes, a new commission from playwright Sami Ibrahim, an interview with travel writer Jini Reddy and accounts from lockdown adventurers.


Episode 4, Part 1 credits:

Host - Nish Kumar

Guest - Jini Reddy 

Commissioned pieces:

The Prodigal Self by Jordan Brookes

Writer-Performer - Jordan Brookes

Director and Sound Designer - Ben Walker

The Twig by Sami Ibrahim 

Performer - Lois Chimimba

Director - Anthony Almeida

Sound Designer - Mike Winship 

Writer - Sami Ibrahim

Host script - Jennifer Bakst and Nish Kumar

Interview sound recording - James Hingley

Testimonials Research - Aina J. Khan and Ruth McKee

Music – BMG Production Music

Production Co-ordinator - Madeleine Sharma

Assistant Producer - Ben Quashie

Producers - Andrew Hughes and Sarah Jane Murray

Series Producer - Ben Walker

Commissioning Editor - Jennifer Bakst

Executive Producers - Robert Delamere and Richard Twyman

THAT PODCAST is a Storyglass and ETT co-production


Clip from 'Joel & Nish Vs The World', produced by Rumpus Media for Comedy Central UK

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