2.1 - THAT PODCAST with DESIREE BURCH... in which we look at rituals, relationships, sex and bodies – PART ONE

THAT PODCAST... in which we look at rituals, relationships, sex, and bodies, and which is definitely NSFW so don’t listen with your kids – PART ONE

A global pandemic is far from an aphrodisiac. How does shifting the satisfaction of our sexual needs to a digital plane change this most intimate and physical of acts? From couples revealing the rituals they used to negotiate each other during lockdown, to accounts of how the world of sex work is changing in response, Desiree Burch hosts an episode which is definitely NSFW.

Part 1 features commissions from writer Ella Hickson and Alissa Anne Jeun Yi, as well as conversations with comedian Celya AB and relationship expert Carol Bruess. 

Content Warning – graphic sexual content

Episode 2, Part 1 credits:

Host - Desiree Burch

Guest - Celya AB

Guest - Carol Bruess

David Attenborough - Luke Kempner

Commissioned pieces:

Lay(er) by Ella Hickson

A - Jodie McNee

B - Prisca Bakare

Husband - Tobi Bakare

Child - Isaac Bakare

Director - Sacha Wares

Sound Designer - Gareth Fry

Composer - Adrian Lee

Writer - Ella Hickson

Alissa’s Choose Your Own Porn Adventure by Alissa Anne Jeun Yi

Writer-Performer - Alissa Anne Jeun Yi

Director - Jennifer Bakst

Sound Designer - Helen Atkinson 

Host script - Jennifer Bakst and Desiree Burch

Testimonials Research - Aina J. Khan and Ruth McKee

Interview sound recording - James Hingley

Music – BMG Production Music

Production Co-ordinator - Madeleine Sharma

Assistant Producer - Ben Quashie

Producers - Andrew Hughes and Sarah Jane Murray

Series Producer - Ben Walker

Commissioning Editor - Jennifer Bakst

Executive Producers - Robert Delamere and Richard Twyman

THAT PODCAST is a Storyglass and ETT co-production

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