MINIPOD: Fellow with Good Shoes (Thanks That Got Away)

A listener thanks a colleague for changing his life with more than good shoes…

Thanks A Million listeners share their “Thanks That Got Away”! The people you never got a chance to say 'thank you' to. The people who changed your whole life or outlook and you didn’t get the opportunity to tell them. Now is your chance! 


Perhaps it was a stranger on the bus who picked you up when you were down? The holiday romance that taught you what true love could be? Or the ex who taught you what it definitely wasn’t? Maybe it’s the sibling you never appreciated until it was too late. The nurse who cared for you in your darkest hour or the friend who opened your eyes to the beauty of the world...


Over the years I’ve learnt just how wonderful it feels to say those two simple words ‘thank you’, and how a simple act of gratitude can have truly transformative effects far beyond anything you can imagine. 

So write to me – tell me your stories of the thanks that got away so it might inspire us all to take a moment and reflect on those who deserve some gratitude. 

To get your story featured just email no more than 600 words to: 


You can be kept anonymous if you prefer, but it’s finally a chance to let it out, hold back no more and share that thank you which you never got to give!


CONTENT: References to alcoholism and drug abuse. If you're in the UK or Ireland and in need of someone to talk to, you can call or message The Samaritans on 116 123. Helplines in other countries can be found here.




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