Catherine Gray: Sobriety, Rejection and Hobnobs

The Sunday Times Bestselling Author of the ‘Unexpected Joy of’ series on sobriety, being single and the ordinary knows a thing or two about gratitude. After finding herself drinking, in her own words, “a life-endangering amount of alcohol”, Catherine became sober and wrote about her experience, now hoping to reinvent how Britain thinks about being alcohol-free. Her impressive CV includes Cosmopolitan, GLAMOUR, Fabulous, The Guardian, Women’s Health, the list goes on. Here Catherine shares about failures and rejection, how she learnt to say no and the dangers of giving alcohol to children. Oh and for the love of god stop apologising for everything! 

But what is Catherine thankful for today? Angela finds out…

You can order a copy of Catherine’s latest book ‘Sunshine Warm Sober’ here:

As well as being a riposte to ‘stone cold sober’ propaganda, this book is about creating unexpected sober joy that lasts and being a very happy ‘retired wreckhead’. 

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