Predicting the Browns' 2021 record; Indians renovating their house; behind the trade of Larry Nance Jr.

In this debut episode of the "Terry's Talkin'" podcast, and Plain Dealer columnist Terry Pluto talks Cleveland sports with host David Campbell. In today's episode:

  • Terry gives his impression of the Browns' offense, defense and special teams now that the preseason is over, and what position group he thinks has an embarrassment of riches;
  • We get into the story behind the Cavs' trade of Larry Nance Jr., and how it was something Nance and agent Mark Bartlestein were hoping could happen so he could play on a winner;
  • We discuss how the Indians might not be competing for a playoff spot, but they are "winning" the 2021 season as they renovate everything from top to bottom in anticipation of a big year in 2022;
  • Terry talks about experiences he's had with retail and food-service employees, and how we can make a difference by putting ourselves in their shoes when we're waiting for service.


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