How the Cavs can weather Lauri Markkanen's injury; Pluto's NFL Overtime Plan; Should Mitchell Trubisky come home to the Browns?

Terry’s thoughts on how the Cavs can weather the storm with another key injury, this time a high ankle sprain for Lauri Markkanen;

Why Kevin Love is kind of like Andrew Miller on the 2016 Cleveland Indians;

How Isaac Okoro and Lamar Stevens have been giving the Cavs exactly what they need;

Terry on why fans should watch Wednesday night’s Cavs game against the Bucks for a preview of what playoff defenses could look like for Darius Garland;

Why the NFL playoff games over the weekend are just another reminder that the Browns need to get their place-kicking straight;

The Pluto Overtime Proposal: How Terry would fix the NFL’s overtime rules;

Why it’s a good idea for Baker Mayfield to go on a social-media blackout;

Major League Baseball and the players need to settle this labor disagreement fast, for the good of the game;

Terry discusses his Faith & You column for the week, about trying to make up for “lost time” in a relationship (hint: it requires being humble and not trying to make the rules);

Fans have Hey, Terry! questions on Mitch Trubisky maybe coming home to Cleveland; and if these Cavs are reminiscent of the Mike Fratello-era Cavs;

And this week’s Terry’s Trivia on the Browns’ all-time leading scorers – a list where kickers shine.

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