How the Browns get right vs. the Ravens; a surprising Albert Belle story; and should J.B. Bickerstaff have called out the refs?

On this week’s show featuring and Plain Dealer columnist Terry Pluto, and host David Campbell:


  • What’s important about what’s going on with Baker Mayfield;
  • Should Mayfield have pushed back at the booing fans at Sunday’s win?
  • Why the Ravens are a tough statistical matchup for the Browns;
  • the convergence of events that has put the Kent State football team in contention for the Mid-American Conference championship;
  • the Cavs are hanging in there through a rash of injuries;
  • was Cavs coach J.B. Bickerstaff right to call out NBA referees and demand more respect for his team? Or was he giving them an excuse?
  • Why Jarrett Allen may be an underappreciated player who’s just right for what the Cavs want to do;
  • Which player Terry is nervous about the Guardians losing after they set their 40-man roster;
  • Terry talks about his Faith & You column, and how people are thankful even after having to battle through countless obstacles;
  • Terry answers some “Hey Terry!” questions about Albert Belle; the state of the Browns locker room; and the “Turkey Trot” that the Browns used to do in the 1980s;
  • And a “Terry’s Trivia” question about Brandon Weeden’s baseball career.


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