How Browns fans should feel about Baker Mayfield after Sunday's loss to the Chiefs; Should the Cavs trade for Ben Simmons?

In this episode of Terry's Talkin', and Plain Dealer columnist Terry Pluto tackles the following issues with host David Campbell:

  • What's a fair standard for fans to expect from Baker Mayfield after Sunday's loss to the Chiefs?
  • What's next for the Browns defense?
  • Whether the Browns used the right run/pass formula in Kansas City
  • What the bottom line is on the Browns after their season-opening loss;
  • Terry breaks down the Indians' recent trades, and what they've gotten in return (hint: They're winning the trades).
  • Terry answers some "Hey, Terry!" questions from fans, including one on Ben Simmons.
  • and discusses his Faith & You column about how the COVID pandemic has changed us.


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