Sutton Hoo

Bettany visits Sutton Hoo in Suffolk to piece together a profile of the mystery king who was buried in the world famous Anglo-Saxon ship burial. A strong contender was King Raedwald who was important enough to warrant such a VIP burial. Bettany handles master crafted replicas of the ‘Mound 1’ treasures (the originals are now in the British Museum) with researcher Laura Howarth and learns how his grave goods show how well connected the king was to Europe and the wider world.

Archeologist Faye Minter spills the beans on new finds from Rendlesham, the likely royal residence and state centre of the Anglo-Saxon kingdom of East Anglia. Situated near the Sutton Hoo necropolis, Rendlesham gives fresh clues to the king’s lifestyle and his worldview.

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