How to Stand up to Sexism

In this episode of the podcast Helen Wills talks to author Toni Hargis, a mum of a teenage girl who still experiences the same sexism she did as a teenager.

Toni - along with Susanna Scott and Jennifer Howze of Britmums - has written How to Stand Up to Sexism, Words for When Enough is Enough.

We discuss the microaggressions that lead to bigger acts of sexism, both in the workplace, and in girls' personal lives, and what women and girls can do to stop them in their tracks.

Toni, Jen and Susanna offer practical advice to be used in a multitude of situations, as well as outlining what the law says in each case.

Who is Toni Hargis?

Toni Summers Hargis is an author and columnist. With a law degree and a Masters in Organisation Development under her belt, she spent years working in corporate HR, Training and Organisation Consulting.

Always ardent and vocal about women’s rights and equality, Toni was termed “difficult” in many a meeting and strives to continue in that vein, calling out sexist BS at every turn.

She has written about women’s rights issues for the past several years at Huffington Post, Medium and the BritMums website. She also blogged as Expat Mum during her years living in the USA.

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