Tips for Parents on Helping Teens with ADHD

In the third episode of this mini-series on ADHD in teens Helen Wills speaks to Julia Langensiepen about how parents can support their teenager with an ADHD diagnosis.

Julia's sound was a bit glitchy, but it's worth persevering with the episode, as Julia has so many positive things to say about people with ADHD - it's a truly inspiring account of the positives of living with ADHD, as well as the difficulties that need to be managed.

Who is Julia Langensiepen?

After a 12 year career as a French and German teacher in the secondary sector Julia retrained to work with the human condition and set up her own coaching practice in 2008. 

Julia says she works intuitively with whoever and whatever presents; mental break down, work/life balance, anxiety, stress, addictive behaviour, depression and trauma. 

She has recently seen a growing number of individual clients showing characteristics of an ADHD brain. During lockdown she set up webinars for parents of teens with an ADHD diagnosis.

Resources on ADHD

Julia mentioned a few resources that might help families understand their family member with ADHD (affiliate links):

You can also find out more about Julia's course, and supporting your child with ADHD on her website Nurturing Life, and by connecting with her on Facebook.

More teenage parenting tips from Helen Wills:

Helen wills is a teen mental health podcaster and blogger at Actually Mummy a resource for midlife parents of teens.

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