Summer Break

Hey everyone,
Firstly, sorry for the gap in episodes recently. As you may or may not know, Nate has had a few technical issues with microphones lately, and fortunately thanks to our wonderful Patrons we have a brand new one on its way!

But it's also the summer, we've passed our 100th episode recently, so we're going to take a very brief hiatus for a few weeks and intend to resume the show in July.

In the mean time, a few things: firstly, to our Patrons, you won't be charged for anything while we're off, so no need to cancel or change anything regarding your subscription - you only get billed when we put out main episodes. Ian has a plan for a special episode soon - look out for that on the feed later in the month!

This would also be a wonderful time to check out our live 100th episode on YouTube if you haven't already, or maybe pick a random old episode on the feed for some nostalgic news! There are over 100 episodes sitting there, and there's likely a collection of things we got entertainingly wrong about the last couple of years of tech.

So please do stick with us, don't touch that subscription and know we'll be back in a few weeks. This isn't a prelude to the end of the show, just time for some holiday. See you all soon!

Keep in touch: @NateLanxon, @IanMorris78, @TechsMessagePod

Nate and Ian

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