LIVE FROM LOCKDOWN: An Evening With Tech’s Message — TM 200

A live special episode with a studio audience formed of participants from Europe to Scandinavia to the U.S. to Australia—listening and laughing live, as we present the funniest failures and hottest highlights from the last hundred episodes of Tech’s Message.

Recorded live on Saturday 4 April.

Two-hundred episodes, five years, a million downloads, a global Webby Award nomination and a loyal community of thousands of amazing listeners and Patrons.

It’s not been a bad life for Tech’s Message so far!

But those milestones have coincided with a global pandemic that’s miserable and deadly. We’re locked in our houses, or sick—or both.

The world needs laughter more than it needs two bearded BFFs talking about broadband, so we made episode 200 something really special: a live taping with our Patrons as a live studio audience spread across four continents.

Ian and Nate present a collection of the most lighthearted outtakes, popular rants, opinions about shoehorns, bizarre non-sequiturs and other nostalgic gems from the last 100 episodes of the show.

The clips were edited in advance into eight categories and were played out in front of a virtual audience. They’re joined by Tom Merritt, Andy Hoyle, Marta Svetek, plus dozens of Patreon supporters, friends and family.


Hosts: Nate Lanxon, Ian Morris

Guests: Andy Hoyle, Tom Merritt, Marta Svetek

Production and Editing: Nate Lanxon

Voiceover Artist: Marta Svetek

Music: Pond5 & AudioNetwork

Certain Artwork Elements Designed By: macrovector / Freepik

Additional Artwork: Andy Hoyle

Publisher: Acast


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