BBC Micro Bit, BT Mobile Tethering Revelation, 4K Gaming Geek-off: TM 60

THIS WEEK ON TECH'S MESSAGE Nate and Ian fight the slow British technology news week and discuss how well the BBC's Micro Bit computer is doing as it lands on consumer retail shelves; also, BT Mobile ramps up its competitive offering amidst its takeover of EE, and in the process of adding iPhones and Android smartphones to its roster of products it also seems to have enabled the oft-requested tethering feature for tablets and laptops; and in addition to a rumour that Apple is going to built graphics processors directly into its 5K monitors, we delve under the surface of 4K gaming talk around the kind of products a gamer looking into Ultra HD may be able to consider at the moment, right as Ian plans to jump into the 4K gaming world himself.

Includes sound clips from the 1980s BBC learning production Making The Most Of The Micro. For information regarding your data privacy, visit