What's My Page Again? (Feat. Vogue's Cantlin Ashrowan): TM 88 Regular Version

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This week on the regular version of TECH'S MESSAGE Nate and Ian discuss mobile network EE's plans to launch blimp-like balloons about the nation to send better 4G signals into areas that have limited, or maxed-out, connectivity; they discuss the Vehicle Technology and Aviation Bill, which amongst other things details how car insurers may have to treat autonomous vehicles in the event they crash; and they look at just who is still using pagers after Vodafone sold off its pager business to Capita -- if you've ever wanted to know about pager use in 2017 then crikey this is the show for you. They also talk about Amazon's new Fire TV stick.

In a special feature this week we're also joined by Conde Nast International's Director of Product Cantlin Ashrowan to talk about how British Vogue made its first Facebook Messenger chatbot -- and what he and the company... For information regarding your data privacy, visit acast.com/privacy