Apple iPhone X In-Depth Review by Nate Lanxon: A Tech's Message Special

I’ve been using the iPhone X for a number of weeks now and while it’s easy to wax lyrical about how wonderful it is — and indeed, many reviewers have almost resorted to poetry to describe it — it’s not without its drawbacks. It’s the first model released in a new era of Apple’s industrial design theory and as such there are teething issues. Despite them, I believe Apple has delivered something special and its many pros outweigh the small number of cons, and that epic £1,000 price tag.

I’ve focussed this review on things that can’t be garnered from YouTube videos or looking at the product in a shop. We all know it looks lovely, you can go and see how it feels like, you can watch YouTube videos of how games run on it. So I’m going to look at the things that aren’t immediately obvious from watching videos or playing with it in a shop.

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