Classic Tech's Message: Episode 100 LIVE From May 2017

Episode 200 is coming up but in the meantime we're all stuck at home, or at least being bombarded with bad news about Covid-19. So I decided to pull the extremely fun and laughter-filled episode 100 out of the archive for a second run, with a fresh intro from me. For some longer-term listeners, this will hopefully be an enjoyable blast from the past; For newcomers, you may be hearing it for the very first time.

It's also available in video form, as we had a multi-camera film rig for the night too:

The episode was originally taped in May of 2017, so after the Brexit referendum but long before the coronavirus pandemic. Ian and I were joined by several special guests to discuss a wide range of British tech and gaming nostalgia, fun and trivia:

- Vicki Turk, WIRED

- Andy Hoyle, CNET

- Luke Westaway, Outside Xtra

- Katie Collins, CNET

- Special guest James Protheroe of Darran Park Primary School

We taped this episode live in front of an invite-only studio audience at London’s TechHub - big thanks to them for hosting us.

And now, back to my preparations for episode 200...


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