Cos I Got So Down I Held The World To Ransom: TM 98 REGULAR VERSION

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This week on the regular version of TECH'S MESSAGE Nate and Ian discuss:

- The global ransomware attack that took down the NHS's systems
- General election 2017: Tory plan to let young erase online past
- General election 2017: 10Mbps universal speeds? We'll give you 30Mbps, pleads Labour
- O2 and other networks promote killing roaming the day they legally have to anyway

Patreon supporters have access to our longer version of the show, which includes the above as well as additional discussions about:

- Extra Story: MP3 is dead, long live AAC 
- Extra Story: Vodafone to shut down pager network after sale trips on competition hurdles
- Super secret special Tech's Message event details...
- How is Peep Show related to British broadband infrastructure (according to Nate)?
- Outtakes

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