NEXT-GEN SMARTPHONE CAMERAS ARE COMING plus BBC Closing iPlayer Loophole, Nook Dies - TM 50

THIS WEEK ON TECH'S MESSAGE Nate and CNET's Andy Hoyle discuss the BBC's plan to close the iPlayer loophole that allows people without a UK license fee to watch catch-up content for free; plus the little-known ebook reader business (in the UK, at least) Nook is pulling out of the British market; and in our major feature section we discuss the future of the photography world in an era dominated by increasingly impressive smartphones. Where do we go from here in the imaging world? How are SLRs influencing smartphone design? Who's partnering with whom to make the next big thing in mobile imagine (hint: Leica and Huawei)? We'll discuss all this and more. Listen now! 782vptpu For information regarding your data privacy, visit