TM 38: Who Copied Whom: HTC or Apple? Plus EU Roaming Dies!

This week Nate and Ian discuss The Sun newspaper’s decision to drop its online paywall after two years of imposing fees on users wishing to read content online; plus as the European government’s decision to kill mobile phone roaming charges from 2017, we debate whether this is good for the continent’s users, and whether the UK’s potential departure from the Eurozone could affect British rights to free roaming once the law comes into force. In a discussion segment Nate and Ian are briefly joined by’s Luke Westaway as they debate the recent argument that HTC “ripped off” the iPhone 6’s design for its new One A9 phone, or whether it was “Apple that copied HTC” - something the latter company believes is the case. But more to the point, regardless of who copied who, does it actually matter? Are all these phones basically fine and we all have a richer industry as a result? Find out both sides of the argument on this week’s Tech’s Message podcast. For information regarding your data privacy, visit