10Mbps For All Britons, Goodbye iPlayer Tax Loophole, Vinyl Overtakes YouTube: TM 58

THIS WEEK ON TECH'S MESSAGE Nate and Ian discuss the Government's pledge to bring 10Mbps internet to all -- no matter how remote and in the middle of nowhere you are. But how will this be achieved? And how does this latest promise, delivered after the Queen's Speech, compare to previous promises along similar lines? Also discussed, the BBC's closure of the iPlayer loophole and how the 2017 introduction of that closure could be implemented. We also talk about the revenue made from sales of music on vinyl overtaking the total generated via YouTube and similar services in the whole of 2015. Plus the Post Office closes its mobile service after just a year, and Android Pay launches in Britain. Unless you're with Barclays. Again. Because apparently Barclays hates mobile payments or something. For information regarding your data privacy, visit acast.com/privacy