Ask Me Anything! A call for questions about podcasting and journalism

I'm recording an Ask Me Anything special for all listeners, which will include some of the best questions from the two Patreon AMA episodes that are going out at the moment. I've had some great questions so far -- including what my biggest on-air screw-up was, and what is the secret podcast series I've been planning for ages -- but I'm sure there are many questions I could answer regarding tech journalism, podcasting, the media landscape, getting started in a career in tech writing, or anything else at all.

You can send them to or tweet them to me at @TechsMessagePod or @NateLanxon, or if you're a Patron leave them in the comments at or in the Discord. Please don't be shy!

I'll be collecting submissions for the next few days and hope to put out the special in the next week. Thanks in advance!


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