Tech's Message Episode 100 LIVE from London!


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This week on this special LIVE recording of TECH'S MESSAGE Nate and Ian are joined by several special guests to discuss a wide range of British tech and gaming nostalgia, fun and trivia:

- Vicki Turk, WIRED
- Andy Hoyle, CNET
- Luke Westaway, Outside Xtra
- Katie Collins, CNET
- Special guest James Protheroe of Darran Park Primary School

We taped this episode live in front of an invite-only studio audience at London’s TechHub - big thanks to them for hosting us.

Also big thanks to Kate Dreyer for logistics, photography and help on the night, and Marta Svetek for additional logistics help.

But finally also thanks to you, listeners: without we would not have a show worth making, and certainly not one in its third year of life an celebrating it’s 100th episode. Here’s looking forward to episode... For information regarding your data privacy, visit