Don't Forget Hooves Legs You're Standing On: TM 158 (ft. Patreon CEO, AI Tech For Cows)

This episode marks our two-year anniversary of being on Patreon -- something that we never expected to be as crucial to the show's survival as it's become. Thank you for the support over the last 24 months, and letting us continue being able to bring the show to you every week.

Producing Tech's Message on top of my full-time job as an editor at Bloomberg takes anywhere between eight and 12 hours a week, most of which tends to take place at the weekends. The Patreon community, along with the valuable word-of-mouth promotion of our free listeners, has made this extra workload feel manageable. Thank you!

This week on the regular version of TECH'S MESSAGE Nate and Ian discuss:

- INTERVIEW: Jack Conte, CEO and co-founder of Patreon

- Addictive Tech Under Investigation in U.K. by Senior Lawmakers

- Tinder-style app for cows tries to help the meat market

- FEATURE: On the farm with facial recognition technology for cows, with CainthusCEO David Hunt

- Your emails and questions answered!

Patreon supportershave access to our ad-free and extended version of the show, which includes the above as well as additional discussions about:

- EXTRA STORY:'Upskirting' is now a crime in the UK

- SPECIAL FEATURE: Extended interview with Jack Conte of Patreon

- Valentine’s Day insights!

- Outtakes and more!

Hosts: Nate Lanxon, Ian Morris

Production and Editing: Nate Lanxon

Voiceover Artist: Marta Svetek

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