The Great Tech's Message Outtakes Special!

This week we're still on our Christmas and new year break and will return next weekend all being well, so instead we've got something a bit fun for you. Over 2017 Ian and I got pretty good and doing the show as if it were live -- and in fact we do let our Patreon backers listen to us record the show live -- so very little gets cut out of the final edit. But some things do get cut, and they're often quite amusing.

Rather than leave these clips on the cutting room floor, we stitch some of them each week to the end of our extended Patreon show. So this week, we've made a little digest of some, but not all, of our favourites. In addition, at the end of the episode, there's an entire discussion that was cut from a recent episode for reasons of time, so nobody's heard that. I decided it was too much of a side point compared to the main topic, which was already only loosely a tech story -- the one about dating sites in the UK using real names -- but it was Christmas and we'd had a beer and it seemed like a good idea. So that's in here too.

Also in here, you'll hear my brother, CNET's Andy Hoyle, discover a handmade poster I'd created as a child when I was trying to form a boy band. We were recording the episode at our parent's house, and the cubby hole we used to tape in turned out to be a treasure trove of our old possessions.

So if this is the first episode of ours you're discovering, maybe listen to one of the last two or three shows instead first. We're a lot more professional than we sound on this episode -- or at least we try to be.

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