TM 49: The 12 Uses For VR You Didn't Know About (From Porn to PTSD Therapy)

THIS WEEK ON TECH'S MESSAGE Nate and Ian discuss our highlights from Mobile World Congress: the LG G5, and the HTC Vive. But in more detail we discuss how virtual reality, which stole the MWC show this year, is helping change many other areas of science, entertainment and medicine. These include travel simulators, use in crime scene investigations, sex and pornography, pain relief and other psychological treatments, post-war PTSD therapy for soldiers, training for Nasa astronauts, relief from fears of flying, training sports players, rehabilitating stroke patients, and giving public talks. And although some of this has been underway for two decades in research labs, the consumer availability of affordable devices means this is really just the beginning for virtual reality. 782vptpu For information regarding your data privacy, visit