State of Podcasting Pt. 2: Advertising and Making Money (With Olly Mann)

THIS WEEK ON TECH'S MESSAGE Nate returns to the Tech's Message State of Podcasting series, this time exploring advertising in podcasts and how to make money from them. To explain a variety of methods that have proved successful is Olly Mann, broadcaster and host of award-winning podcast Answer Me This!, plus The Modern Mann, Guardian Tech Weekly and The Media Podcast. His most popular show, Answer Me This!, has 130,000 monthly listeners and has been highly successful as a commercial podcast by using a combination of unique ads, back catalogue sales and one-off paid-for specials. His new show, The Modern Mann, takes a different approach: ask for beer money, and sell ads yourself. Olly will explain how these methods came about, how they can be used effectively, how advertising can be done badly in podcasting and how to avoid alienating listeners. For information regarding your data privacy, visit