The Trauma Is O2 Real: TM 154 Regular Version

This week on the regular version of TECH'S MESSAGE Nate and CNET’s Andy Hoyle discuss:

- O2’s All-Day Outage Caused Havoc in Ways Consumers Didn’t Expect

- Britain's data commissioner launches investigation into UK use of facial recognition

- EE signs deal with Chinese smartphone firm OnePlus in bid for UK's first 5G coverage

- Your emails and questions answered!

Thank you to Roy Mathur and Captain Roy's Rocket Radio Show for the Lime e-bike segment!

Patreon supporters have access to our ad-free and extended version of the show, which includes the above as well as additional discussions about:

- EXTRA STORY: Tiny phone that fits in the PALM of your hand is on sale now

- SPECIAL FEATURE: Have phones got so big we now want them to be tiny?

- What would a shoehorn-related injury possibly be?

- Battered sausage of fish with chips?

- Outtakes and more!

Hosts: Nate Lanxon, Ian Morris

Production and Editing: Nate Lanxon

Voiceover Artist: Marta Svetek

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